Open House Webinar: 03/19/12

In this month’s webinar, AJ reviews member picks from Exxon Mobil (XOM), Fuision (FIO), VMWare (VMW), and U.S. Steel (X).

The word ‘webinar’ is a blend of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’. A webinar is an event held virtually which is attended exclusively by an online audience. This distinguishes it from a webcast, which also includes the presence of a physical audience. Other terms used as alternatives for webinar are web event, online seminar, webcast, web lecture and virtual event, for any of this you can use a ceiling mounted tv bracket to cast to your tv or use a video beam.

Online participation
Participants follow webinars via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and can see and hear the speaker(s) thanks to audio and video feeds. In addition to the video images, PowerPoint slides can be broadcast which run in sync with the rest of the presentation. You can also make use of the screen capture functionality which enables you to show your viewers an application or website.

A webinar is a form of one-to-many communication: a presenter can reach a large and specific group of online viewers from a single location. Providing it is used effectively, interaction during a webinar can be very powerful. Particularly when you have a large number of participants, smart tools are essential to channel that interaction.

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If you are on a faster connection, you may prefer an alternate video, which is a TV show style version of this  month’s webinar.

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