Weekly Market Report: 6/14/14

WMR 6-14-14

Above is a link that will bring you to a short video that explains the signs I’m seeing in the markets

 The newest developments coming from Iraq is not news that should be taken lightly. The insurgents are moving rapidly towards Bagdad and once they take control of the oil fields they will use this as a weapon in an attempt to crush the U.S. Economy. It does not look like Washington is taking any steps to prevent this so I’m raising the warning flag to all of our investors to brace themselves for the economic earthquake that lays ahead.
Remember, there is no need to fear, if you have a plan in place. However, if you do not have a plan in place….I am concerned for you.
We at The Market Guys are doing our best to help people put risk management plans together so they can protect their financial future, but it’s up to you to take action.
I look forward to helping you in the near future.


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