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1.  Product 1  –  Take Charge of your Money Now, DVD and CD Sets.

4-DVD’s that cover:

• an action plan for applying the authors’ key strategies to your investments

step-by-step guidance for creating a family budget

• advice for selecting a financial advisor

• tips for organizing and simplifying your finances

• forms, checklists, and worksheets to keep you on track

• helpful exercises to help you meet your goals

the 10 common mistakes made in retirement accounts

In addition, you will receive a bonus CD pack that will help you to get started and on your way to financial success.


2. Product 2 -Option Strategies for Maximizing Profits CD

(Learn the secrets that only professional traders are likely to experience and how you, too, can capture profits easily and with confidence.)

3.  Product 3 – 20 Important Lessons for Options Traders CD

(AJ shares important information about controlling risk, your emotions, and portfolio management skills in a comprehensive discussion in interview format.)


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