Options Oracle: 11/02/17

TOO 110217

Below is a link that will bring you to the latest trade candidate from The Option Oracle.

I’ve also attached a PDF file that outlines the details for this trade so you can set it up to execute tomorrow morning at the opening of the market.
Please be sure to review all of the material before entering any trades to your account.
Lastly, you are missing out on one of the most valuable benefits of our service by not subscribing to the FREE text messaging alerts via Whatsapp. If you are not already enrolled then just go to www.whatsapp.com and download the app to your smartphone. Once you’ve loaded it, just send me a message to my cell phone letting me know you are in and I’ll add you to the group.  My cell number is 407-921-7884.
I very much want to stay connected to you in the event news hits the market relative to one of our positions.
Have a great trading day tomorrow.

To gain access to the PDF download and video, sign up for an Options Oracle Subscription!

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