Options Oracle: 10/05/20

TOO 100520

I’m sending this alert out on Sunday evening for a trade set up on the opening of the market tomorrow morning (Monday Oct. 5th). With the exception of the Expiration Week Alert, I rarely send out trade alerts for a Monday morning trade, but this is one that I didn’t want to see get away from us. As you will see in the video below, we are collecting a lot of cash on the short side of this spread. Keep in mind that while this is considered to be a fairly low risk position, it’s still a good idea to trade in moderation. Keep your cash available so you can be ready for the next trade.

See link below for Video.

I’ve also attached a PDF file that outlines the details for this trade that includes a chart that shows all of the technical signals. Please be sure to review all of the material before entering any trades to your account. Happy Trading.

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