Options Oracle: 09/23/20 (2nd Trade Alert)

TOO 092320LULU

his position is a brand new position that favors a short-term bullish move. This calendar spread will be fairly simple to manage, however, if this is the first time you are trading a calendar spread such as this, I would suggest you start off with a small position and work your way up to larger positions as you become more familiar with this type of strategy. 
My style of trading is a lot more relaxed than what you might be used to, and most of my positions don’t require a lot of effort to manage. In fact, you actually need patience to be able to let them mature over time. The best thing to do with spreads such as this is to just let them sit, without touching them. Below is a video that also explains how I document the trades to determine the cost basis of each spread. Hopefully this will help you. 

Attached you will also find the PDF file that explains more about this position.

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AJ Monte

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