Options Oracle: 07/25/19

TOO 072519

You may have noticed that, with the exception of the Expiration Week Alert, most of the alerts I put out get sent either on a Wednesday or Thursday. The reason for that is simple, there’s a lot of news that builds up over the weekend, and and most of the time that news jolts the markets on Monday and Tuesday. In fact, some of the biggest down moves in the market have happened on “Black Mondays”. By Wednesday and Thursday, the prices have settled enough to get a direction and by Friday we already have an idea of what the weekly candle is going to look like. It’s a pattern that has worked for me over the years and I hope it helps you moving forward.

Below is a link that will bring you to the most recent trade candidate.
Like I mentioned we may see lower prices tomorrow, so there’s no rush to get in this one right away, but I wouldn’t wait until next week to put this one on. Please be sure to review all of the material before placing any trades to your account and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

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