Options Oracle: Expiration Week Alert 02/16/21

Expiration Week Alert 021521
This video alert explains all of the spreads we are holding, along with the instructions for how to manage these positions moving forward. I covered a lot of material in this video, so I would suggest you watch it from beginning to end and then rewind the video, so you can read the notes I’ve added for each of the positions. Just click on the pause button and review all of the notes that are in Blue Font. It would be best if you could get your spread orders entered into the system before the market opens tomorrow morning (Tuesday the 16th). Then, if you have to make any price adjustments, it’s much easier to do that after the order has been entered than to try to cancel and change the order.
Video Link below.
I’ve also attached a PDF file to make sure you have all of the instructions needed for managing these positions. 2021 is turning out to be a great market for option traders and I hope you are enjoying the success.
Happy Trading.

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