Options Oracle: Expiration Week Alert 10/16/18

Expiration Week Alert 111318
Below is a link that will bring you to a video that explains the positions we are holding in SLV, NFLX, AA, FDX and BIDU.
It’s extremely important for you to keep an eye on the market at this point. In the video I’ve highlighted the key support levels for the DOW as well as my forecast for the markets, should we break out below the bull market trend line.
I’m still expecting to see a year end Santa Claus rally be after that, we could see the markets make a run to the downside. Stay connected and I will be sure to guide you through the markets. Remember, next week I will be hosting our Open House Q&A session. I’ve added the registration link below and I’ve attached the PDF file to the bottom of this email.
Enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll speak with you soon.

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