Equity Oracle: 04/07/17

TEO 040717

Below is a link that will bring you to the next trade candidate from The Equity Oracle:

I started putting this alert together last night after noticing a perfect Cup & Handle pattern on NUGT. This morning the stock gapped up over the brim of the cup and we are very close to buying it. The reason I’m not buying it right at this exact moment is because the gap needs fill first before we get in. If the stock had traded up over the brim instead of gapping up over it then we would have jumped in right away. So… If the gap fills by the end of the day and the price is still over the brim, then we can go with it. If the gap doesn’t fill today then wait until Monday or Tuesday and follow along with my instructions.
I’ve attached a PDF file with all of the details so be sure to go over this info, along with the video, before entering any trades to your account.
Thanks and have a great weekend.

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