Equity Oracle: Special Video Alert: 05/25/17

TOO 052517

It was brought to my attention by one of our members that Charles Schwab does not allow RVX to be traded in their brokerage accounts. Certain international clients are able to trade it but not domestic US based accounts. Therefore, I’ve put together this special video alert so you would have a second option for trading RVX. The link below will bring you to a video that explains the position in the Proshares Ultrashort Russell 2000 (Ticker: TWM). This ETF is inversely related to the Russell 2000 and directly related to RVX. In order to get this out as quickly as possible I will not be attaching a PDF document along with this email. It is a VIDEO ONLY alert. The risk management plan is to set your stop loss order $2 below your buy price. This will give you a $2 risk per share that can be used in the formula for the 1% Rule. If you are unfamiliar with the 1% Rule then go to the link below which will explain how to use the 1% Rule for managing risk.

1% Rule video link:

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