Equity Oracle: 03/13/20

TEO 031320

Well, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines holding on to your cash, today is a day you might want to consider easing back into the market. There’s no doubt that fear has worked it’s way into our investor community but as I’ve said many times before, one person’s panic is another’s opportunity. 
There is no better time to focus on the charts than now. These candle charts will help you remove the emotions from the decision-making process, so be sure to pay close attention to the candles. See link below

I’ve also attached 2 PDF documents. The first one is the trade alert with instructions for managing risk and the second is a copy of my Trading Checklist. This checklist will help to identify the signals as we determine who is controlling the price, whether it be the buyers or sellers.
Stay calm and have a great weekend.

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