Equity Oracle: 07/18/19

TEO 071819

Below is a link that will bring you to the next trade candidate from The Equity Oracle.

As I mentioned in the attached PDF, I like trading stocks that are at the cheaper end of the price range, as long as they are trading over $5 per share. Once a stock drops below $5, the brokerage companies tighten the margin requirements, which usually causes investors to sell out of their positions rather than bring in more money to satisfy the new margin requirement. This is why it’s extremely important for you to set your stop $1 below your buy price. I’ve laid out all of the info in the PDF doc.


Also, as a reminder, I will be hosting our Open House Q&A Session this coming Monday at 8pm ET. The link below will bring you to the registration page so you can save your seat.




Enjoy the rest of this week and I’ll speak with you on Monday.

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