Equity Oracle: 09/23/21


The video below will explain all of the details behind this newest long position. Please be sure to review all of the info before placing any trades in this stock. This is a video alert only. This new format will help get the alerts out to you in a timely way as it speeds up the delivery process.  

See link below for video alert.

RM NOTE: The $2.00 stop loss is applied to those who are not planning to scale into the position. If you decide to scale into the position with, let’s say a 50% position, then you can set your stop four dollars below your buy price and raise the stop up as you add to the position. If you plan on using the 1% Rule, as I hope you would, remember that 1% of the value of your account is the most you would want to risk on a position like this. In this market, risk management is our top priority.

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