The Options Oracle Subscription

The Options Oracle and Equity Oracle services are currently under maintenance. 

Subscription services are still available! Please use the button below to send us an email inquiry. 

Amp up your trading skills with this popular and prescient weekly report. Each week, the Oracle provides in-depth analysis of stock picks and trading patterns, along with long-term strategies. Your subscription also includes smart video analysis that covers the contents of each Oracle in greater detail.


The Options Oracle is a weekly strategy education service that has been developed to help you maximize your profits utilizing a variety of basic to complex multi-leg options strategies. Since its 2005 debut, this service has taught investors how to utilize the type of strategies used on exchange floors around the world by professional market makers and floor traders. Authored by AJ Monte, an industry veteran with over 35 years of trading experience, the Oracle provides weekly option-based strategies from basic to advanced multi-legged trades selected to optimize the current market conditions.  Subscribe to The Options Oracle and experience for yourself how an experienced and disciplined trader utilizes options in his trading portfolio. Trade like the Pros by trading with the Pros!

Download a sample version of The Options Oracle to see how you can benefit.



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