Fan Patterns

Fan Patterns

Fan Patterns


The Call Option

The Call Option


The Cup and Handle Pattern

The Cup and Handle Pattern


The Rubberband Effect

The Rubberband Effect


The One Percent Rule

In this video, AJ covers the essentials of the One Percent Rule for managing risk, which should be applied to all of your trades.


Trading the Gap

Thanks to the added volatility in today’s markets, gap trading is becoming more popular each and every week.  This video segment will help you understand how news events drive price action so you can build a solid strategy around this common price pattern.


The Role Reversal

Almost every chart you look at will have a role reversal pattern somewhere within the price history. Without question, this is our most favorite pattern of all because it not only increases the probability of profiting but it also identifies your exit point with accuracy.


Head & Shoulders Top

The Head & Shoulders Top is one of the most reliable patterns of all. This video will not only show you how to recognize this topping pattern, but it will also show you how to trade it with confidence.


Head and Shoulders Bottom

Like the Head & Shoulders Top, the Head & Shoulders Bottom is one of the most reliable patterns of all. This video will help you identify this basing pattern, but be sure to watch the video we put together for the Head & Shoulders top first. This will help you get the most out of this video lesson.


Trading the Double Top

The Double Top, also known as the “M” top, is a price pattern that many traders look for when they are looking to capture profits to the downside. Risk is to the upside on this strategy so make sure you take good notes.


Trading the Double Bottom

The Double Bottom, aka the “W” bottom, is a price pattern that many traders look for when they are looking to capture profits with an aggressive long position. In this short video, we cover the basics of identifying and working with this technique.


The Bullish Breakout

Learn the correct way to trade a bullish breakout strategy. This video focuses on buy stops for entering the trade while using sell stops for protection. Keep in mind that this is a short-term strategy that targets a 3 to 5-day window.


Dojis and Spinning Tops

Periodically the market will show us signs of indecision. This video outlines the steps you would take during the times when the market seems to be confused.


Hammer Patterns

When the Japanese rice traders first developed candle charts, they called it like they saw it. Learn how to identify and trade one of the oldest price patterns in the world.


Engulfing Patterns

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20-Period Moving Average Method

Keeping it super simple is the idea behind this particular trading strategy. The model stock in this example is OIH. This method is ideal for the person who is challenged with managing risk.


Triangle Patterns and Wedges

Triangle patterns are found in almost every price chart you look at yet few people know how to identify them. In this video you will not only learn how to identify these patterns but you will also be given an assignment so you can develop your eye for for finding triangles and wedges.