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WMR 9-14b-13

Weekly Market Report: 09/14/13

The link above will bring you to a short 4 minute video that explains how we are making money in the market:

WMR- 9-7-13

Weekly Market Report: 09/7/13

The markets ended the trading session on Friday showing some negative signs that investors may not want to ignore.


Weekly Market Report: 08/30/13

This video explains the bearish signal that came up on the Dow Jones Industrial Average this month:


Weekly Market Report: 08/23/13

Above is a link that will bring you to a short, 3 minute, video that shows just how accurate the predictions were for the market.


Weekly Market Report: 08/17/13

Above is a link that will bring you to a short 4 1/2 minute video that explains the reasons behind my market forecast.


Weekly Market Report: 08/10/13

Last week my forecast of the market was 100% accurate. The link below will show you where I think the markets will go next week: