Options Oracle: Expiration Week Alert 10/14/19


Yes…time sure flies when you’re having fun, and here we are, welcoming in another profitable expiration week.

The link below highlights the positions we hold in AA, eBayFDXTSLACMG and the newest pair trade we have in OUSA/AAPL:
I’ve also attached a PDF file that explains these, and the other positions we are working on. We are collecting an impressive amount of cash credits to our account this week which, not only helps to pay down the cost basis of many of our long positions, but also helps reduce the overall risk to our account.
If you are a new subscriber, some of these positions may seem confusing, but don’t worry, over time you will eventually get it. I always encourage our members to ask questions during our Open House Q&A Session so be sure to register for the one coming up next Monday, Oct. 21st. The link below will bring you to the registration page for that event.
Open House Link:

To gain access to the PDF download and video, sign up for an Options Oracle Subscription!

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